Sunday, 25 October 2015

A kestrel on the wire

Today, Sunday lunch was followed by a stroll across the farm in the afternoon sun. Last night, the clocks stopped, and in that suspended hour the first frosts formed, they were forgotten by now but the shadows retained a chill. This autumn is turning into one of the best for spectacular autumn colour I have seen for some years, and the woodland edges and lone oaks are gilded in all shades of gold and copper. One oak on the Cocking road glows red. 
In another shade of red come the holly berries, round and ripe, adorning the hedgerow alongside the fizz of ivy flowers and dark glossy leaves. 

A blackbird plundered the sloes and a flock of house sparrows were audibly cracking the seeds from the withering brambles. A separate flock of house sparrows filled the barnyard with chirps; pied wagtails taking up perches upon the roof peaks as if in order to be heard above the rabble. Old mans beard scrambled over the rubble pile, a clump of mayweed bloomed unseasonably beside the track and starlings flocked in mini murmurations around the cattle feeders, dropping down between the beasts' large heads to raid the fodder.
Is it just me or do starlings always sound like they are playing 'Star Wars'? Stop and listen next time you're near some!)

A kestrel on the wire overhead, a silhouette, hunter. 

Sun lowered, kestrel dropped. A robin sang, warmth followed the sun leaving fingers and noses to be nipped by the evening chill. Long shadows led the slow way home.

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