Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Morning at the Oak by the Rife

What a beautiful winter's day!

Christmas morning dawned bright and clear. Frost formed last night but it must have been frightened off by the clouds that visited overnight. Now however the sky is pale and blue and the weak sun has just a little warmth. No peaceful lie-in for the birds this morning, they are as lively as the young children down the street who woke with the dawn! 

Robin song fills the cold excited air. Flit, dash, twit, flick, flutter; a winter tit flock passes by, bumbarrels (country-name for long-tailed tits) bounce from twig to twig, dangling like pinkish baubles reflecting the early sunlight and chattering and giggling in high pitched calls from one family member to another. 
House sparrows bustle through the brambles, popping up here and there, as if to check where they are, before barging back into the gossip, and rough and tumble of the flock. 
High in the top branches, basking in the sun, Starlings point their beaks to the sky and sing their strange repertoire to whistles, clicks and 'sci-fi noises'.  
The great spotted woodpecker is beating out a rhythm on the old oak tree. 

Distant, hesitant, I hear the first tuning whistles of the song thrush rehearsing for his role as newly appointed town-cryer come the fickle spring. It is good to hear his voice again.

Whatever you are celebrating at this time of year, may you have a joyful and peaceful time everybody!

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